Season’s Greetings! Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

After a torrid, complicated year for most, I hope everyone has a fantastic end of year break, even if you are stuck at home unexpectedly with travel plans having been thrown out the window. Fingers crossed all the truck drivers stuck on motorways in Kent manage to make it back home in time for their holidays.

No doubt we are all looking forward to a more positive 2021 and perhaps achieving more than we did this year.

On the bright side of 2020, it has enabled many of us to reflect on what is important and what our real priorities are, which can’t hurt in the long run. The camaraderie between colleagues and across firms, businesses and communities has also been great to see.

I’ve also been really impressed by the ingenuity of some entrepreneurs, how they have adapted to Covid times, with many even setting up completely new business lines in response to a dramatically different business landscape which has thrown up opportunities as well as threats.

It has been wonderful to act for lots of new clients in 2020. I look forward to developing our working relationships further in 2021 and hopefully even moving back to meeting in person and having deal closing celebrations!

Best wishes,

Anne Cruikshank

This year Arinna Law has not sent any physical Christmas Cards but has made donations to support Crisis, and HERA,